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  • Intergenerational chalet-pavilion kit :
  • Less is more :

Intergenerational kit

Advantages of choosing the intergenerational chalet-pavilion kit:

  • Strong construction matching different materials such as wood and steel.
  • Rapid construction. Built and assembled within ½ day.
  • Lifetime warranty on foundation.

Less is more

The architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe inspired this concept which introduced a new popular expression and a new refined style These qualities give an environmental point of view to the house. Its advantages are:

  • Maximum openings.
  • Central mechanical units.
  • Flat roof which permits vegetal roof.
  • Traditional foundation and/or screwed in piles.
  • Very versatile regarding interior parts and rooms.

The mobile pavilion

200 square feet to admire nature almost without any maintenance. Perfect for a bachelor or a couple living in the heart of nature. This mobile pavilion is also a mobile business office. Advantages: :

  • Better than a regular caravan.
  • All year round utility.
  • Theft and vandalism free because of its strength.
  • No need for foundations.
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