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Accomplishments :

  • Ste-Adèle
  • Mt-Gabriel
  • Mt-Tremblant

Extension project

in Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Montréal, 2008-2009

The customer says: :
We were looking for something else than a 20’X20’ plywood concept offered by other constructors. Mr Bernard Morin of MAISON IDEKIT HOME surprised us with his project that integrates architecture, ecology, and above all, it surpassed all the strength norms found on the market today.

M. B.

The project:
Our extension projects are planned with a personalised approach in regard of what the customer needs. Our estimation considers the site and its physical constraint, and the architecture of the existing home.

Project now in progress

Domaine le Cap à l’aigle, 2009

The project:
Integrated project on a mountain side with view on Mont-Chanteclerc in Ste-Adèle, Qc. The proprieties have a very large frontage, some with a slope.

The property developer contacted us because of our avant-gardist and nature friendly concept. The integrated project must gather together people who insist on a healthy life and a home that reflects existing surrounding nature.

“LESS IS MORE” inspired the contemporary concept; coupling with the new “plant roof”, it gives a home with a unique style.

This first concept will catch your eye.

On the first page, you will see a 3D projection of the project.

It will be possible to visit in fall 2009.


Chemin du Golf, 2006-2008

The project :
Contemporary style home; the cubic shape lets you catch a glimpse of the containers.

Construction :
According to the construction plan, the containers are transformed at the factory, and, after, transported to the construction site. The main principle is to minimise cutting the trees by installing screwed in piles, “Sonotubes” or a bed plate. The containers can be used as foundation for the house when installed on a bed plate and buried; this technique permits concrete savings (money, time, energy), plus protects environment by keeping the trees close to the house.

The erection can be done rapidly by putting the containers (which include the roof that was previously assembled) using a crane. All the house is now erected and closed, so that we can work inside immediately and comfortably.



The project :
The invention! Here, we have a building land that presents 2 characteristics: a rocky peak and a downward slope.

The urban regulations allow a skier’s apartment ; the plan was developed by adding to the main building a room with its own outside door ( with its own lock and key).

The task is simple: modern design, avant-gardist technology and responsibility keeping in mind daily quality of life.


Now in process of design and conception. 2009-2010

The project :
In the beautiful region of Mt-Tremblant, we are creating a new concept from maritime containers that look like a “ log home”.

The steel structure will be the skeleton of the house. Nether from inside or outside, we will see the containers.

Conclusion: you get a lot of strength adapted to the environment and the city regulations.

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